Our Process


The very first step of building a custom home is to decide the design. Our team of expert architects will listen to what you have in mind, visit the site, and then guide you. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that every aspect of your home represents your vision. We will help you pick the dimensions of your home, its orientation, its layout, and its architectural style. At the same time, we will ensure that we maximize the functionality of every element in the design. This way, your home will be practical and aesthetically pleasing.


At Discover Delta Homes, we make sure that every one of our customers has all the necessary permits before beginning the construction process. This way, you can settle into your new home knowing that everything is well-taken care of. When we visit the site, we evaluate all details to ensure that we know which permits are necessary. Typically, every project will require building, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical permits. In some cases, a grading permit may also be necessary. Rest assured, our team of professionals does their homework for every project before laying down the foundation. Only then, we inform you of the costs of the permits. We make sure to provide complete transparency on this matter.


Once we determine the design, we begin the building process. First, we frame the house, but we don’t install sheetrock until you decide where you want additional light fixtures. After that, we move on to the trim, which is when you decide on the fireplace mantle, bookcases, and other finishing touches. When everything is ready, we go over our comprehensive checklist to ensure we fulfilled every detail promised. Throughout our building process, our handpicked team of professionals will stay in contact with you. Thus, you will know how the progress is going and whether it’s meeting the predicted timeline.


After you are 100% satisfied with your custom-built home, you will sign the final loan documents and the deed. We aim to save you from the hassle of making the necessary payments and later realizing that something is missing in your home. Once everything is settled, you will receive the keys to your unique and beautiful home. We ensure complete transparency on the costs of every aspect of building your home. There are no hidden costs; everything is in front of you, as integrity and transparency are part of our core values.